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Here are some of our most frequently asked questions. Please use the links within the answers to move to the web page that contains specific information about a product. The headers of FAQs here are "General," "Bollards," "Clearance Bars," and "Installation."  If you have a question that is not addressed here, please call us at (877) 392-5766 or email us at


How long has Traffic Protectors been in business?

We have been in business since 2007.

Are your products custom?

Yes, most of our products are custom built and are fabricated to meet your needs.

Do you have any new products or designs on the horizon?

We are always working to stay current with the traffic protection market. We are working with our fabricators to come up with new designs, and as soon as any new products have been tested and are ready to sell, they will be posted to our website. If you have a bollard or clearance bar design in mind that you don’t see online, please call us to discuss.

Do you offer a newsletter?

Yes. We email a newsletter several times a year. You may sign up for the newsletter by going to the bottom of any web page and filling in your name and email.

Do you have model numbers for your stainless steel bollards or other products?

No. There are so many specs that go into a bollard or any traffic protection product that we find it most convenient to talk about your needs specifically and create a quote or spec page for you.

How can I specify Traffic Protectors in my project plans?

Visit the Specs page and submit a Spec Sheet request. We will return a spec sheet to you that you can place in your plans.

How do I obtain a quote for the product I need?

Fill out a quote request form on our website. The link to the quote request form is on the web page of the product you would like. Look for the “Click for a Quick Quote” button. Fill out the form. Typically within one to two business days, we will email you a quote. Feel free to call us to request a quote as well.

How do I obtain a drawing for the product I need?

When you submit your quote request online, note that you would like a drawing in the Comments section of the quote request form. If submitting your request by phone, mention to us that you would like a drawing with your quote.

Do you offer price breaks for larger quantity orders?

Yes. We will offer you the lowest price for your bulk bollard or other product purchases.

Can I pick up my order from you?

No. All of our products will be shipped to the location of your choosing within the 48 contiguous states and Canada. All quotes include shipping costs and lead times.

How is the product delivered?

Most of our products come via a trucking freight company. Someone is required to be available at the time of delivery. There must be a commercial dock or forklift available. You are responsible for unloading. If you do not have a dock or a forklift, you will need a lift gate truck at additional cost.

What is your policy on cancellations, returns, and damaged items?

Information for these can be found on our Policies web page.

Can I purchase any products online without getting a quote?

Yes. Our plastic bollard covers can be purchased online on the product page. You will receive an email when your items have been shipped.


What is the purpose of a bollard?

Bollards are vertical posts adhered to or embedded in the ground. Their purpose is to provide protection to people and property. Bollards are now mostly made of steel for strength. Many have aesthetically pleasing covers made of stainless steel or HDPE plastic. Sometimes, bollards are made completely of stainless steel with no need for a cover.

Where are the most common places bollards are installed?


Schools and Universities


Pedestrian footpaths




Bike lanes

Parking lots and parking garages

Government buildings

Around gas meters, hydrants, and other outdoor technology

How do I know what kind of bollard I need?

The most efficient way to do this is to call us at (877) 392-5766. We can talk you through the specifications needed to quote you on a specific bollard. There are security and appearance considerations.

I don’t see the bollard from my project plans on your website. Can you fabricate it?

All of our stainless steel bollards are custom made. Call us if you have a bollard design you would like a quote for. We are happy to discuss custom designs.

What are all the specifications for bollards?

Each type of bollard has a variety of specs that determine the security and look of your bollard. They include quantity, diameter, height, mounting type, steel type, stainless steel type, wall thickness, top style, and more.

What types of bollards does Traffic Protectors offer?

We offer fixed (embedded or plate), and removable bollards. Various types of covers are available.

What is a fixed bollard?

A fixed bollard comes in two styles - embedded and plate (also known as a bolt down or surface mount bollard). A fixed bollard is permanent, not removable, and is placed in areas where there is a constant need for protection.

What is the difference between a fixed embedded and a fixed plate bollard?

A fixed embedded bollard is buried in the ground when installed, usually in a concrete footing that is as deep as the frost line for that location. When you order an embedded bollard, you have to consider the entire height of the bollard, including the portion that will be buried below ground and the above ground, visible post. There is no difference in the manufacturing of the below ground versus above ground portions, so if you decide to bury it deeper or less deep when you install, that works fine.

A plate bollard has a base plate (round or square) that is welded to the bottom of the bollard. The base plate has four holes for bolts or anchors. The bolts are drilled into the concrete securing the bollard in place. Your bollard is only as strong as the bolts.

What is a removable bollard?

A removable bollard is a steel or stainless steel bollard designed to be removed from the ground. It is installed so that it can be manually pulled out of the ground and set aside when needed. The purpose for a removable bollard is to block traffic from entering an area at times, but allow traffic through when the bollards are removed. Removable bollards come in two styles - stainless steel and steel with a plastic cover.

What is the difference between a stainless steel bollard and a stainless steel cover?

A stainless steel bollard is one piece made of stainless steel. It is more expensive than a steel bollard with a stainless steel cover because you need thick steel for strength. A stainless steel bollard is an all-in-one product with much of it under ground. 

A stainless steel cover is a thinner sleeve that fits over the above ground portion of a steel bollard to provide a clean, elegant look.

What size stainless steel bollard cover do I need for my steel bollard?

Steel pipe normally comes in even sizes of 4-6-8-10-12 inch diameters.  Stainless steel covers are typically two inches larger in diameter than the underlying steel bollard because   no 5-7-9-11 pipes are produced.

So a 4” bollard would be  covered by a 6” stainless steel cover.

Set screws are welded on the inside bottom of the cover, allowing a good fit when installed using set screws. Many manufacturers fabricate for three set screws. We use four, for added stability. An optional spacer ring welded inside the top also provides stability in the event the cover is knocked.

What type of plastic covers does Traffic Protectors offer?

We have 1/4” and 1/8" thick high density polyethylene covers in a variety of styles including dome top, flat top, square, decorative, and lighted. There is a wide variety of colors to choose from for each of these styles.

Should I fill my bollard with cement before applying the cover?

No. You do not need to fill your bollard with cement. The misconception is that the cement provides strength. It does not. Bollard strength comes from the steel or stainless steel pipe. That is why diameter and wall thickness are important to consider for security. Also, your bollard must be properly installed in order for it to have the maximum strength. Filling your bollard with cement will only add additional time and material cost to your project.


What is a clearance bar?

A clearance bar is a horizontal hanging steel bar, covered by a plastic sleeve. Its purpose is to protect buildings from vehicle damage by alerting the driver that the upcoming pass can only be accessed if the vehicle is a specific height or shorter. If a vehicle proceeds, the top of the vehicle hits the bar at the same time or prior to hitting the building or property (depending on which type you have installed). Clearance bars are used where a warning of maximum clearance height is needed. There are two types of clearance bars - building-mounted and free-standing.

What is the difference between a building-mounted clearance bar and a free-standing clearance bar?

A building-mounted clearance bar is a horizontal bar that is suspended from a building, installed using chains to hang it from the building.

A free-standing clearance bar is a self-supporting system. You do not need to install the hanging bar onto the building. It is attached to the stand alone apparatus.

What are the physical components of a clearance bar?

A building-mounted clearance bar comes with the lightweight bar with eye bolts installed for hanging. You supply the chain. You may choose the color of the bar, with or without reflective stripes.

A free-standing clearance bar consists of a vertical steel bollard with plastic cover, two posts, an angle support beam, and the horizontal hanging bar. You choose the color of the bollard cover, the posts, and the hanging bar.

What options do I need to consider for a clearance bar?

Size, color, stripes, and lettering are choices to make for either type of clearance bar. For a free-standing clearance bar, we also need to know the following: additional post lengths, core (buried) or plate, left or right mounted, and whether you want fixed or swingback. You can find a description of these terms with pictures on our free-standing clearance bar web page.

What assembly is required when I receive my clearance bar?

A building-mounted clearance bar is one piece with no assembly required. The bar attaches to your building using chains that you supply and install at a length of your choosing. The bar hooks onto the chains.

The free-standing clearance bar system is delivered by truck on a 4' x 11' pallet weighing around 350 lbs. for the 10 x 10 system. The vertical upright is welded to the bollard, so the vertical portion is one piece. The horizontal support bar, angle support, and clearance bar are shipped separately and are assembled on site. This requires installing the vertical portion to the ground. Chain for the hanging clearance bar is not included.


How do I install your products?

We can send you instructions on how to install a plastic bollard cover. For most other products, you should consult with a construction engineer and concrete company to make sure you have the proper installation arranged. A major consideration when installing bollards and clearance bars is the frost line depth in your area. The buried portion of your installation must extend below the frost line.  Your state Building Code Department can provide you with the digging recommendations that meet these standards.

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