Most stainless steel bollards are actually covers that go over regular steel bollards because of the cost. Stainless steel is much more expensive than bare or even galvanized steel. So these commercial bollards are normally made of Schedule 40 or 80 (or higher) bare or galvanized steel covered by Schedule 10 Stainless covers the next even size up. So, for example, a 4" steel bollard has a 6" stainless steel cover fastened by set screws at the bottom.

Unless you are required to make the bollard out of stainless, we highly recommend that you use regular or galvanized steel for the bollard with a stainless bollard cover.

They are used at airports, government buildings and corporate headquarters and other commercial buildings for an upscale appearance and durability. We are now seeing them specified for more commercial buildings.

The pictures above are examples of the 3 types of tops we carry: flat, dome and slant top. We recommend only a #4 brushed finish. It is less expensive and looks better longer.

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Considerations When Ordering

304 or 316 Stainless Steel

Stainless steel is made in 2 types: 304 and 316. If you live near saltwater or where salt is used in the winter, we strongly recommend 316 stainless steel. It is made with molybdenum, which changes it to Marine Grade Stainless. It resists corrosion much better than 304. If not, use 304. It is less expensive.

PLEASE NOTE that even Type 316 can rust. If it does, there are products that can remove it and coat it. See the websites for these companies:

Flat, Dome or Slanted Top

Flat invites sitting, birds (and their gifts), and empty bottles. We recommend either a dome or slant top. They discourage other uses.


Commercial bollards are usually made to prevent vehicle from entering a space, so they need to be strong. We offer even sizes from 4" to 12" in diameter.

Wall Thickness

Normally our stainless steel covers are made of Schedule 10 steel. However, the actual bollards they cover are normally made of Schedule 40 or 80 steel, which is much thicker and heavier. For instance here are the wall thicknesses and weight for 6" steel:

  • Schedule 10 6" is .134 wall thickness and 9.29 lbs/ft.
  • Schedule 40 6" is .28" wall thickness and 19 lbs/foot
  • Schedule 80 6" is .432" wall thickness and 28.57 lbs/foot.

Bollards for commercial use should be at least Schedule 40 and buried, not bolted down.

#4 Brushed Finish

The finish on stainless steel bollards and covers is almost always a #4 brushed finish. After the piece is made, it is polished. A brush finish can be made fairly quickly, while a mirrored finish takes much longer. Consequently, it costs much more. Brushed also looks better longer. We recommend the #4 brush finish as shown here.


Most commercial bollards are installed to prevent damage by vehicles, so they need to be strong. Consequently, most are core bollards, meaning they are buried in the ground. They can also be made as a plated bollard with sits on a square base and is bolted to the floor. Plated bollard are not very strong.

Considerations when ordering stainless steel bollards

  • Size: 4" to 12" in diameter of any height
  • Wall thickness for most commercial core bollards would be at least schedule 40.
  • Top: Dome, Flat, Slant
  • Stainless type: either 304 or 316. 316 is maritime grade and resists salt and sea water. 316 is more expensive.
  • Surface: Typically #4 brushed
  • Core (Buried) or Plated

There are so many different configurations that we ask you to fill out a quick quote or call with your specs. We will get you a quick quote including shipping, usually by the next business day. Lead time is usually 4-6 weeks. All are custom fabricated.

Stainless Steel Removable Bollard

These removable bollards are made entirely from Stainless Steel. The stainless steel bollard sits in an 18" below ground stainless sleeve with a locking cap, normally in 4" or 6" diameter that is 36" in height above ground. We can make other sizes. Please call with details if you are interested.

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