Break Away Free Standing Clearance Bar


We are re-designing our free standing clearance bar systems that are taller than 10'.  The information below for the 10 ft. system is applicable.  Please submit a quote request for any of the systems and we will reach out to you with a quote and design options.

The Free Standing Clearance Bar System 

is a self-supporting clearance bar.


  • The Free Standing Clearance Bar System is 10' wide
  • Available in 3 overall heights, 10', 12' and 13' to the top of the horizontal support bar 
  • Fixed or swing back option
  • The base bollard (buried or surface mount) is 6" diameter pipe
  • The vertical and horizontal support bars are 1.25" in diameter 
  • The actual clearance bar is 5.25" diameter

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Free Standing Clearance Bar Quote Request

Considerations When Ordering


The system consists of 5 components:

  • A core (buried) or plate (bolt to the surface) 6" steel bollard. Height is 42" above ground for a 10' tall system, 66" for the 12' and 78" for the 13' system.
  • The standard depth for a buried bollard is 24" below ground. The depth needs to extend below the frost line in your location. It is 42" for Michigan. If the concrete you set the bollard in goes below the frost line, the bollard can be shorter.
  • A plastic sleeve for the bollard (yellow in the picture).
  • A plastic covered vertical steel 1.25" pipe from the bollard (black in the picture). This is always 78" in height. It is welded to the bollard.
  • A plastic covered horizontal 1.25" steel pipe with aluminum-magnesium fittings and 1.25" steel pipe corner brace (black in the picture). Max is 10 feet.
  • A clearance bar (made of 1/4" Lo-Density Thermoplastic Polyethylene (LDPE) with Ultra-Violet and Anti-Static Additive). The bar is 5.25" x 78".
  • The chain to hang the clearance bar is not included.You should get support chain that is at least 12". So the maximum height to the bottom of the clearance bar will be 1.25 + 5.25+ 12 (including hooks) or 18.5" below the stated height of the system. There must be at least a 12" chain to avoid damage if the bar is hit.


The 6" standard bollard is 24" below ground. Each additional foot is $25.

Free Standing Clearance Bar Dimensions

Fixed or swingback?

Fixed is standard, meaning the cross bar does not move if hit by a vehicle. An optional swing back version is available for $175 more. It allows a vehicle to go through and moves the bar back to the original position after it passes. A large spring in the vertical section brings it back into position. It is hidden by the bollard cover.

Swingback Option Detail


All systems are 10 feet wide and 10, 12 or 13 feet high to the top of the support bar. The bottom of the clearance bar must be at least 18.5" lower. You can adjust it on site. Chain is not included.


Due to the number of options, we ask you to fill out our Quick Quote form (or call) which asks for this information:

  • Height to bottom of clearance bar, up to 11' 6"
  • Width of cross bar (supports a 5.25" x 78" Clearance Bar) is standard at 10'
  • Bollard type: Buried or surface mounted
  • Colors available are: Yellow, Blue (dark or handicapped), Red, Black or White
  • Color of Bollard sleeve
  • Color of remaining support vertical and cross bars
  • Color of Clearance Bar
  • Fixed or Swingback
  • Left or right mounted (which side the vertical mount is located on, and for the swingback system, it is also the direction that the bar swings)
  • Lettering on Clearance bar
  • The delivery address in the 48 states or Canada


The bollard, upper supports and the clearance bar can be ordered in Yellow, Red, White, Black, Dark Blue or Handicap Blue. Custom colors can be made for a fee.



3 Sizes are available priced as shown:

  • 10' x 10' (MAX 8' 6" to bottom of clearance bar) $749.00
  • 10' x 12' (MAX 10' 6" to bottom of clearance bar) $799.00
  • 10' x 13' (MAX 11' 6" to bottom of clearance bar) $849.00
  • The actual height of the clearance bar is adjusted on site by you.
  • Swing back option: $175.00
  • Lettering: $29.00
  • Standard bollard is 24" below ground for the core bollard. Add $25 per added foot if you want more depth.

Shipping Fees

Shipping normally ranges from $400-$500 or more, depending upon size and mileage.


The Free Standing Clearance Bar System is delivered by truck on a 4' x 11' pallet weighing around 350 lbs. for the 10' x 10' system. The vertical upright is welded to the bollard, so the vertical portion is one piece. The horizontal support bar, angle support, and clearance bar are shipped separately and are assembled on site. Chain is not included.

Receiving Notice

Note that you will be responsible for unloading, so you will need a dock. If you do not have a dock, you will need a fork lift or a truck with a lift gate (extra charge).

Call if you have any questions.

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