Steel pipe bollards are posts that protect property from vehicle damage. Core bollards are buried; plated bollards are surface mounted.


Note that we also carry other bollard types, and a variety of bollard covers.


To be accurate, you need a quote that includes freight. It normally takes about 4 business hours. Or call 8-6 ET (877) 392-5766.

Our steel Bollards:

  • Schedule 40 or Schedule 80 wall thickness
  • 3” to 10” ID
  • Any length
  • Core (buried) or Plated
  • Surface: Bare, Primed or Galvanized


All quotes include freight by truck to a commercial destination. 


Normally 7-10 days from the order date.

You are responsible for unloading your bollards. If you do not have a dock and a fork lift, you will need a truck with a lift gate, fork lift or both. There is an additional charge for this, so please tell us when ordering.


Our bollards are constructed of very strong Schedule 40 steel pipe.  Schedule 80 steel, which is much thicker metal, is also available. Schedule 40 is .237" thick at 4" diameter; Schedule 80 is .337". Thickness (and strength) increases with size. For commercial use, we do not recommend anything lighter than Schedule 40 steel bollards.



Bollards are available from 3" to 10" inside diameter of any length. 

Plate bollards attach to the floor surface with bolts. Each one is welded to a plate with four holes for 3/4" bolts.

4" - 1/2" x 8"x 8"

6" - 5/16" x 10"x 10"

8" - 5/16" x 10"x 10" 

Core bollards are buried in the ground, generally in concrete. Core is stronger than plate. They should extend below the frost line. Consult your local building code for depth requirements.      

Bollard Covers
We highly recommend that you also order covers (post sleeves). With a post sleeve, the bollard is maintenance free. No painting is ever required.

The covers come in a variety of colors and can even be lighted. We offer  Standard  CoversDecorative Post Covers and Solar Lighted Covers.